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Fanboy and aspiring author: usually in that order

something witty and clever

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1316. I stick it on everything. If you've seen 1316 somewhere else and are wondering if this is me, it probably is.

I like quotes quite a lot. If you've even glanced at this journal, you probably already know that because I have a big stinking quotes page at the top. I update that post frequently, moving older quotes behind the cut and keeping my five most recently discovered quotes at the top.

What's the subject matter here? Whatever the frak I want it to be. (And that implies more BSG/Caprica love than I actually have. Really, I just love noting how the expletives don't actually MATTER when you have non-verbal communication invlovled. That's a nerdgasm for another day though, I think.)

Where was I? Oh, yes, the subject matter. I post about whatever thing I'm currently obsessing over. Usually books or TV shows fit this categroy. Lately there have been several posts about Veronica Mars because I've been discovering that show. Occasionally it's a band (or my own attempts at music). Sometimes it's poetry. When I get to working on my novel(s), I post about them a lot, usually begging for people to read them and give me feedback. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is a pretty consistently recurring topic because I'm pretty consistently obsessed with it. I'm inolved with online fandom when it comes to Buffy (more so than any other fandom, at any rate). That typically means I post meta and fics pertaining to the show. Other shows and projects from Buffy creator Joss Whedon also earn frequent praise, meta, and maybe eventually fics on this journal. Right now all the fics (posted here) are Buffy-based. Note the recurring mentions of Buffy. Expect that in the overall tone of the journal.

Userpics: Consider all but one of them to be "up for grabs" should you desire to use them. If I didn't make them, then the userpic page will list a credit for the LJ user who did. Give credit where credit's due. The one pic I'd like to not have snagged is the pic of me. I use that for personal posts and/or to remind people that there's a person on the other side of the computer screen. One of my favorite things on LJ is playing with icons. I like to make them, I like to collect them, and most of all I like choosing one every time I make a post or comment.

(Bio updated 5/2/2010: I put a timestamp because I seldom, if ever, get around to updating this and people should know how dated the information is.)